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About Jonathan D. Anderson

A positive thinker and an eternal student of life.
Jonathan D. Anderson has been helping executives evaluate franchise business models since 2012. Jonathan takes the responsibility of consulting with and being a trusted advisor to individuals and families who are exploring a career transition. In the for front of his daily ventures, Jonathan analyzes over 700 franchise business concepts per year. A student of the game of business. Jonathan Anderson loves the game of business. 

Building relationships and hearing the journey of small business owners and executives motivates Jonathan. His family, friends, peers, partners, and clients alike can see his passion for assisting individuals and watching business owners grow into more successful businesses. 

The passion for the game of business
Jerry Jones Jonathan D. Anderson Franchise Analyst #AskAndersonJonathan with Jerry Jones bevery hills california.jpg

Jonathan D. Anderson has over 20 years of experience; A thought leader as an innovator with a track record of success in the worlds of branding, integrated marketing strategies, lead generation, sales, consulting, coaching and business development.

A Marketing Person

Jonathan has been recognized among his peers as having an exceptional ability to build successful collaborative, mutually beneficial long term business relationships. 

As a successful marketing professional, operator, consultant and entrepreneur, Jonathan understands the value of collaboration, trust, and strategy. He has the experience and vision to plan, implement and maintain innovative online and off-line marketing strategies in all industry. Anderson takes pride in being a strong, compassionate, effective leader. 

In my words:
I wake every day with a passion for being better than I was yesterday, starting early in the AM with a cup of coffee and a book or study materials. I go to bed late working on a project. I strive to live up to and adhere to the John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success. (I love great leadership. Sports create the best metaphor for lives moments.

Smile, Life is Fun!

Life is fun; being human and keeping a smile on your face, having a sense of humor, a sense of self while being in tune with others. Maintaining a positive outlook even in the toughest of situations. 

I have a passion for life, family, business and sports.

With strong family support, and having spent years coaching and mentoring youth in basketball, soccer and my experiences have taught me the value of a strong team. 

Reach out to me and let's see if we can make the world a little smaller and bring the future a little closer to today. 


Jonathan D. Anderson Franchise Analyst #AskAnderson
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