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Matchmaking The Right Franchise Business Opportunity for Entrepreneurs  

We Strive To Be The Best Franchise Advisory Firm in the Franchise Business.

At Franchise Analyst, we are dedicated to helping businesses reach their goals and become successful. We specialize in franchise consulting, analyzing franchise concepts and helping professionals explore their franchise options. Our passion is to educate, empower, and support our clients on their journey to success. Our team is composed of experienced consultants and advisors who have a deep understanding of the franchise industry. We are committed to providing comprehensive and customized services to meet each client’s needs. Our goal is to ensure that you have the tools and resources you need to make an informed and confident decision about starting a business.

Do you have time to investigate 4000 franchise concepts?

We do, we have, so, save yourself time and money by working with us!

Our consultation services are of no cost to those considering buying a franchise.

Jonathan D. Anderson is a Professional Franchise Business Analyst

Meet Jonathan D. Anderson, an amazing franchise consultant with a passion for adding value by helping people explore business and franchise opportunities. With years of VP and C-Suite experience in the franchise industry, Jonathan has helped hundreds of individuals explore opportunities, explore franchise opportunities, buy a franchise that aligns with their business love language and even helped hundred's of franchisees sell franchise businesses. His expertise and guidance have proven invaluable to those seeking to embark on a new successful business venture.

Interested in learning more? It all starts with a conversation!

Are You Ready to Become a Franchisee? 

Let's help you find out!

Regardless of where you are in the process, we build a process around you and work at your pace.

I provide free tools, resources, and coaching to help franchise seekers clarify their search for opportunities that align well with the life they imagine. Discover Your TOP 5 Franchise Fit. Buy a Franchise that FITS your needs and goals!

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One is More-Likely to
Achieve their Goals
with a
Franchise Business Concept they Believe In.

 Funding Options

Are you looking to Explore Franchise Funding or Business Funding Options? Here is an easy way to get  Pre-Qualified. 

Franchise Business Funding Experts

Franchise Funding - Franchise Analyst Guidant Financial Franchise Funding Franchise analyst.jpg

Guidant Financial has helped over 25,000 small businesses get funded. From 401(k) Business Financing to SBA loans, we know how to get you the money you need to start or buy a business. 

See How Much Money You Qualify For Today
401(k) Business Financing (Rollovers for Business Startups)
SBA Small Business Loans
Portfolio Loans
Equipment Leasing
Growth Capital

Value and Insight 

We help the franchise buyer make quality, informed decision.

I use my 7 years of VP-level franchise development, life long love for analyzing franchise businesses, and years and experience personal small business ownership  to help franchisee candidates properly investigate franchise business opportunities. Having worked behind the scenes in franchising in operations, marketing, development, Technology, Finance and legal. Having participated in years of in franchise forums and leadership conferences, and having shared workshops with the founding partners of; and leadership-C-level executives; from/of the biggest brands in franchising, I've had an inside view on the 'skeletons' in the closet. More importantly, helping franchisee candidates uncover the good, the bad, and the ugly about each business system to help the buyer make quality, informed decisions.

Interested in learning more?

Franchise Analyst two heads are better than one

"Amazing perspective; I highly recommend Jonathan to anyone wanting to buy or sell a franchise business. We left no stones unturned during the conversations. His guidance through the discovery process helped me and my wife make an informed decision."

-Joe M.

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Cute animals encouraging a lot of Chicken sales yes, but is it the right franchise fit for you?

99.9% of the time = NO

I have investigated over 600 franchise concepts year to date. Let me put my knowledge to use for you!

-Jonathan D. Anderson
Franchise Analyst

Start with The End in Sight.
It's Never Too Early to Discuss Exit Strategy.

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Franchise Consultation

Is a Franchise a good fit for you

Before you invest in a particular franchise system, think about how much money you have to invest, your abilities and your goals. Be brutally honest. We will help you "Know Thyself" and match you with a franchise that fits your goals.

Working with Franchise Analyst

Your Abilities

• Does the franchise require technical experience or special training or education — for example, auto repair, home and office decorating or tax preparation?
• What special skills can you bring to this Franchise business?
• What experience do you have as a business owner or manager?

Franchise Analyst Educator and Franchise Consultant

Your Investment

• How much money do you have to invest?
• How much money can you afford to lose?
• Are you purchasing the franchise alone or with partners?
• Do you need financing? Where will you get it? What’s your credit rating and credit score?
• Do you have savings or additional income to live on until your franchise opens and, you hope, becomes profitable?

Franchise Analyst Jonathan D Anderson

Your Goals

• What are your reasons for buying a particular franchise?
• Do you need a specific minimum annual income?
• Do you want to work in a particular field?
• Are you interested in retail sales or performing a service?
• How many hours can you work? How many are you willing to work?
• Do you intend to operate the business yourself or hire a manager?
• Will franchise ownership be your main source of income or a supplement to your current income?
• Are you in this for the long term?
• Would you like to own several outlets?

Whatever changes you’re hoping to make or goals you’re trying to achieve, I’ll provide you with sound advice and professional guidance every step of the way. 

Step 1 - Initial Franchise Conversation / Confidential Franchise Questionnaire.

Ready to get started?

Take a few moments to fill out the Confidential Franchise Questionnaire:

Unlisted Franchise Resales

We are happy to help you explore our list of franchise resales.

This is a list of Franchises that you will not find on BizBuySell.

Be the first to see them, new to the market resales.

But first, Start here with a   mobile friendly, simple mutual NDA (link / button below) Franchise Resale NDA.  





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